Henrik has been angling since early childhood. It’s not just his hobby, but his life – and so he has successfully fished for pretty much every single Swedish fish. When it comes to gear and trends, Henrik is always up-to-date, especially drop-shot and vertical angling are his cup of tea. Combined with modern sonar technology, there’s a whole new range of opportunities!

Henrik is regarded an expert in big Zander angling and easily masters one of the most demanding methods: pelagic vertical angling. It is possible to watch the predator discovering and reacting to the lure live. This can become a special experience with Char, as these fish even get ahold of the lure while jigging as fast as possible. Mind the end of the video!

In winter the rods don’t get a rest: Now is the season for ice fishing for big Pike and Zander in the frozen lakes. An exciting time, and more than recommended, as many big fish are caught during this time of the year. Henrik lives right in the swedish lake district and can access many different waters. Lake Vättern, one of the biggest inland lakes in Europe, various lakes of medium size with very good Zander population, or lakes that are private (and therefore mostly untouched by anglers).

On his angling tours Henrik caters completely to his guests’ needs. With professional anglers he goes for the real big ones. Some others would maybe like to just catch as many fish as possible. Either way, Henrik responds to every wish. Henrik works as a guide as well as a limnologist (biologist for inland waters) to restore fish habitats and monitor fish stock.