Piet de Ruiter worked for the government, was a member of the Dutch parliament and worked at Wout van Leeuwen, a renowned tackle store. Although Piet was born on the coast, he chose freshwater as his fishing domain. He first targeted coarse fish and carp. Later he changed his interest to predators, which he still chases today. Piet calls himself the ‘ultimate’ zander guide and he is the only fishing guide to guarantee a catch. On the rare occasion that Piet doesn’t succeed in getting fish for his clients, there is no charge for the next fishing day.

Fly fishing is another passion of this all round fisherman. Want to book a day’s pike fishing with the fly rod, or a week on a private stretch of water for trout or grayling? Piet is the guy to call. He has access to miles of first class private salmonid water in the Austrian province of Steiermark.

Recently Piet has lost his heart to saltwater fly fishing. Yearly he organises one or two trips to Cuba, to one of the best saltwater fly fishing destinations. If interested it is important to book early!