My name is Peter Malik. I am Austrian, was born in 1979 in Linz (Upper Austria) and am a skilled electrician. As a steady companion to my father’s angling tours to the river Danube, I discovered my passion for fishing at an early age. Especially fascinated by predators like pike, zander, catfish and bass, as well as their unpredictable behaviour, I specialized in active angling with the spinning rod. To get these predators on my hook and at the same time to gain valuable experience, I tried to spend every free minute during my time as a student and later as a working man with angling. That way, after several years and quite a few magig moments, I could acquire a solid basic knowledge in Austrian and German waters I definitely still wanted to extend. So finally in 2003, inspired by fishing magazines and word of mouth, I ended up at what is probably the richest river in fish all over Europe: the Rio Ebro in Spain. It was my goal to get to know the Ebro’s barrages and its feeder rivers in the area of Mequinenza. So I booked my first trip and then many more journeys via BGS. Even after the very first time I knew for sure that it wouldn’t be the last time and continued to visit the Ebro up to six times a year. At the end of 2006, after several successful angling trips, I got the chance to join BGS as a full-time guide. Mr. Ölschlager (owner of BGS) and I have established a good cooperation, wether it’s related to apartments or guiding tours with his customers.

Guiding offers All offers include leasing gear (rod, reel and main line), Aragon-license (O.See/Cinca), fuel, possibility for deep-freezing and vacuum-containing fish. Exclusive lures, bait fish (bleak), feeding material, license for a week and license for Catalonia.

Guiding (from the motorboat) for zander, black bass and catfish
Guarantee to go out to the water daily, even with wind and high waves (special boat)
Guiding about 9-10 hours/day
Guiding boat: Buster XL, 115 PS
4 people max.

Floattrip/Drifttour (catfish)
including leasing gear (rod, reel and main line)
Guiding about 6-8 hours/day (depending on the current velocity)
2 people max. (only possible for 4 people in a double tour in two feeding rivers)

Guiding (from the river bank) for catfish, zander and carp
Guiding about 9-10 hours/day 6 people max.

Day tour for pike & zander
Guiding about 9-10 hours/day plus 2 hours for the journey there and back 2 people max.