Feeling like a day’s zander fishing with an experienced guide? Then Marc Zitvast is the man to call. Three days a week he can be found on the water practicing his passion: zander fishing. He uses many techniques, like vertical jigging, dropshotting and casting with shads. Especially in summer Marc also likes to fish for zander with a float and natural baits.

In 2009 Marc and fellow guide Erik Stobbe won the Dutch Championship Zander Fishing. Marc is also actively involved in field testing and developing tackle. He is a member of the Berkley team where he tests Berkley and ABU tackle.

Marc is happy to let his clients decide where they want to fish. He has however his own personal favourites, like the Gooimeer, IJ and Noordzeekanaal. Incidentally he visits the rivers Lek and Waal and the Haringvliet, Hollands Diep and Volkerak.

Feel free to pick Marc’s brain when you are out fishing with him. He loves to share his experiences and give tips about fishing. A good day on the water is not only fun, but also educational. A typical fishing day with Marc starts around 7:00 and lasts until 15:00 or 16:00. Other fishing times are possible on request.