Gerrit Ritman is fishing for about 30 years in the northernmost part of the province of Noord-Holland and knows pretty much all the waters of the region as his pocket. Wherever you go there and find yourself standing waters for fishing and not for nothing that this region is regarded as a true El Dorado for fishing. As can guide you Gerrit help you realize your dream catcher.

Gerrit has decades of experience with “his” waters and has a comfortable fishing boat. You can fish from a comfortable seat, and also need take no tail. The lures are provided. But of course you can also bring his own material. If you do not have a Vispas, that’s no problem, the can get Gerrit. One can also express other wishes and Gerrit will all try this also to implement. If you are going to stay the same for a few days, Gerrit can offer a very reasonably priced hotel.