The season started off nicely with some 1meter+ pike coming to the boat and also some nice trout as a bonus.
First up were a father and son from Russia, who fished with us for two days, landing some 20+ pike with the biggest at 103cm.
Then we had a friendly meeting up with Tipperary angling guides Danny and Paul from Lough Derg, who came up to spend the day fishing with myself and Brendan in the Boyle area. Two Brown trout both measuring 59 cm were the first to take our jerk baits presented in shallow water. Later on Paul got a proper pike take and we duly netted a whopping 112cm pike for him. The spawned out fish took a Buster jerk.
Many of the pike have spawned by now and we think that once they have recovered from that ordeal, there will be good early post spawn spring fishing to be had…