Eeuwe Weening has been actively fishing the Noordoostpolder (the southern IJsselmeer area) for more than thirty years, with considerable success and for all available species. Over the years Eeuwe has acquired a wealth of knowledge of the canals and lakes in and around the Noordoostpolder. Using this knowledge he will be able to put you on the right spot to get the species of your choice. Eeuwe works in the fishing industry. He has written a book about his favourite fishing area and he is active as a board member of the local angling club, where he teaches young fishermen the tricks of the trade. He is also an avid match fisherman. In the past ten years he has been active and successful in several competitions in the Noordoostpolder. He is a multiple champion at several fishing clubs in the area.

All-rounder Eeuwe can offer you a wide array of fishing styles for different species: bank and boat fishing for pike, fishing for large bronze bream and tench. Float fishing for carp, static fishing for carp, also on multiple day sessions, fly fishing for rudd and pike. Fishing bread crusts for rudd and ide, spinning for perch and vertical jigging for zander. Eeuwe also offers courses in feeder fishing and fishing with a roach pole.