Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by fishing in our crystal clear Alpine lakes, mostly lake Wolfgangsee and since some years lake Millstätter See, too.

My main fishing technique is fishing with ‚hegene‘ for vendace, therefore I use self-tied nymphs and ‘hegenes’ to be able to react best according to the given situation.

Additionally I do spinning, trolling and fishing vertically in order to cast for the big predatory fish in our lakes.

It depends on the time of the year but I am interested in brown trouts, too.

Lake Wolfgangsee

With a length of 10,3 km and a water surface of 13km² lake Wolfgangsee is one of the largest and best-known lakes in the Salzkammergut region.

Its average depth is about 52 m and its lowest point is 114 m.

Lake Wolfgangsee has a great variety of fish like char, vendace, pike, perch, zander, carp and of course loads of whitefish at its disposal.

Lake Millstätter See

With a length of 11,5 km, a width of nearly 1,8 km and depths down to 141 m lake Millstätter See is Carinthia’s 2nd largest lake, although it hosts the largest volume of water.

A rich fish stock of pike, perch and catfish is the reason why I love fishing in this area. Additionally vendace can be found there, too.

Vendace-guiding lake Wolfgangsee

Successfully casting for vendace highly depends on the HOW and WHERE at a certain time of the year.

Therefore it is inevitable finding perfect water structure and possible underwater movements, as well as the correct lifting and lowering technique with the so-called ‘Zupfrute’ (a special kind of fishing rod) and the proper use of different ‘Posenmontage’ (It is fished by means of rod with a float or ground rod).

If you are able to practice your theoretical knowledge and you have your first vendace at your rod, a very important part starts: the drilling of the fish with special equipment.

I would really like to show you my experience in this field in one or more days – with the best possible output for you!

– Choice of the perfect equipment
– Introduction in building ‘hegenes’ and different montages
– Learning of fishing techniques and drilling techniques
– If interested high-quality rental equipment is at your disposal
– Fishing tour with an expert (Duration upon request)
– Usage of boat

Predatory fish-guiding lake Wolfgangsee or lake Millstätter See

As you like you can choose between one or more techniques:
– Trolling (pike, catfish in lake Millstätter See)
– Spinning (pike, zander, perch)
– Fishing vertically (pike, zander)

It would be a great pleasure for me to show you which equipment, montages, baits, trolling depths, trolling speed and which techniques will definitely help you to cast for predatory fish in our lakes.

When it comes to trolling, I always recommend bringing a spinning rod to bridge the time gap.

Besides fishing itself, I would really like to give you an overview of my experience in topics like the weather, air pressure, phases of the moon and of course best place fishing spots in our area.

– Fishing tour with an expert (Duration upon request)
– If interested high-quality rental equipment is at your disposal
– Usage of boat