After graduating from High School he studied science of sport at the KF Uni Graz. He first discovered fishing at the age of six and has been a passionate angler ever since.

Seven years later, despite a grownup fishing colleague’s discouragement, he engaged in the adventure of fly fishing. As a self-taught guy he seized every free minute to hunt for fish with his homemade flies. As a result, no water in Austria that was safe from him.

Since 1997 „Stoffel“ has been cooperating with different retailers in the fly fishing scene and working as a guide and instructor. His education in sports especially enabled him in didactics and methodology and made him an excellent instructor even for beginners.

In 1999 he started to work with the Hurch Flyfishing company and their partners. For many years he has also cooperated with Vision Flyfishing and belonged to their Vision World Team. Since 2012, Flyfishing Europe has been a partner as well.

As a full-time professional guide he has accompanied many fly fishers in Austrian and international waters and passed his know-how on to them.