Bertus Rozemeijer (05-11-1950) has been fishing lures since he was fourteen years old. In those days fishing with lures was quite unique. In 1981 Bertus wrote the first of many books. After that he wrote many more. His latest project, together with Uli Beyer, will be published shortly.

Bertus is a frontrunner where new developments are concerned. He brought fly fishing for pike to a wide audience and he was the first Dutch fisherman to use downriggers for trout and writing about vertical jigging for zander. Together with Henk Rusman, Bertus introduced jerkbaits among Dutch and even European lure fishermen.

Bertus occasionally guides. When he fishes for zander he likes to take two fishermen. For pike trips he rather fishes ‘one on one’, although he welcomes a second fisherman. Tackle is available and if necessary a permit can be arranged. A fishing day starts at 08:00 AM and lasts until 16:00 PM -plenty of time for a good day on the water.