At the age of four I developed my passion for fishing on a little private pond where I caught small perches. From that time on my big ambition was to catch all species of indigenous fish. I learned my business on the nearby reservoirs Ottenstein and Dobra.
Through my curiosity, especially while fishing predatory fish, I get always new ideas with sustainable consequences.
If you want to be successful in fishing it’s important to have new ideas and try them out because fish are an intelligent species.

Although I’m well acquainted with all different methods of fishing “vertical- fishing” “became my favourite discipline. But I am also used to other methods like spin-fishing and trolling.
Whenever I have time to go fishing on my own I prefer fly fishing.
The sharing of my knowledge about fishing is a great pleasure for me. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro I’m going to guide you to your fish.
During a guiding my customers get the knowledge how to catch their “own” fish. Because they exist – days without any bite – but they are part of our wonderful passion.

Sustainable fishing is my philosophy. I practise the release of trophy fish, if they aren’t hurt seriously, because of their great value for reproduction.
If wanted, I recommend taking smaller fish for cooking.
I provide best service in all guiding tours – the fishing licence, high quality tackle, lures and the use of boat are included for the whole tour. Also digital pictures and videos are included.

If wanted I can organise and book your accommodation and if needed also a boat. Tell me your wishes and I will try to provide you an unforgettable adventure.

For handicapped people there is a discount of 30 % for all boat tours and ice fishing.