Born and raised in Vlaardingen, Yme Dikkerboom discovered his passion for fishing at an early age. As much as he likes fishing, Yme loves to be outdoors, enjoying nature. He specialises in fly fishing and vertical jigging. As a technical teacher at the maritime and transport college, Yme has the skills to tutor. He puts these skills to good use while guiding, teaching and explaining fishing techniques, reading the water and lure presentation. Yme uses a boat and belly boats for vertical jigging on rivers and manmade and natural lakes. He fishes for predators like perch, zander, pike and trout.

Besides being a vertical jigging virtuoso, Yme is a passionate fly fisherman. He has years of experience on several rivers and lakes (among which the Dutch trout lake Oostvoornse Meer) within and outside the Dutch border. He regularly wets a flyline to catch trout, grayling and barbel. In the waters of the port of Rotterdam Yme guides fishermen who want to become proficient in catching shad (which Yme lovingly calls mini-tarpon) and bass. Yme is a VNV-qualified casting instructor. His slogan is: ‘think before you fish!’